cAmazon product optimization: Services Rank up Product on Amazon by keyword search


For increase your product rank in Amazon you have to collect traffic or visitor in your product.
there are various way to increase visitor in Amazon product page. The traffic process describes in following list.
  • wish list
  • purchase
  • Seller Feedback 
  • Review.
  • Question & Answer
  • and vote.

Wish list:
we provide wish list from  unique IP and Amazon account. Wish list helps you to increase impression and click on your product page. If you do 50 to 70 wish list in each product its helps to increase ranked up with traffic. Each and every wishlist will be done from manually with keyword search. There are no software work. 


This is the most important and sensitive part. With our purchase its very difficult to ranked up. i will do purchase for you with UNIQUE IP and UNIQUE Amazon Account. i have almost 10k US amazon account and 5k UK Amazon account. So each and every purchase will be separate and unique.

Now we have also services in Amazon japan, Amazon French, Amazon Germany , Amazon Canada, and Amazon Italy.

Seller Feedback:
After purchase when shipment complete i will provide you 5 star seller feedback. Seller Feedback increases your account health. its helps you ranked up.

Question and Answer:
 we will asked question and answer about your product.

When we will make wish list, also provide you vote on review and question answer.

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